Lisa Garty WunderKammer ARt Store

Lisa Garty, Self Portrait

Wunderkammer’s mission is to encourage the visual arts through offering high quality merchandise and hand-crafted artwork not commonly found in the market place. Wunderkammer literally means “wonder chamber, or room” in German.  Another interpretation is “a cabinet of curiosities”.

The artwork presented for sale has been created and hand-crafted by young artists (from elementary through university age)  and by seasoned craftsmen and women whose work we’re sure you’ll find impressive.

Gallery owner, Lisa Garty, has been a passionate artist since her toddler years: “I had always been told I wouldn’t make it as an artist, ‘it’s too hard, you’ll starve!’ I don’t ever want a young artist to believe that. I want Wunderkammer to be an extension of me, but mostly, I want to help student artists and hardworking crafts people to taste what it is to have their art appreciated.”

Wunderkammer supports Free Arts Minnesota. Free Arts Minnesota inspires hope and builds self-esteem for youth who have experienced poverty, homelessness, abuse and mental illness, using the healing powers of artistic expression and caring adult mentors. Stop in to see their inspiring artwork in the form of note cards.